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From The Doctor's Desk - Emphysema


Together Newsletter May 2018

From The Doctor's Desk - Emphysema


Together Medical Newsletter May 2018 - image TMFP-Newsletter-May-2018-5 on is the diagnostic term for Chronic Obstructive Airway Disease (COAD) caused by cigarette smoking. There are other ways of contracting this lung condition but they are much rarer (i.e. genetic inheritable mutational disease). We will focus on smoking-related COAD. COAD is the irreversible and progressive (meaning the condition continues to deteriorate) destruction of the lower airways (bronchioles) associated with persistent mucous production and swelling of the small airways. As a result, the patient feels constantly breathless with a persistent cough and lethargic. The causal factor is damage caused by inhalation of cigarette smoke. Signs of early emphysema can be observed as early as 10 years of heavy smoking use.

There are treatments to attempt to slow its progression and treat the day-to-day symptoms of cough and breathlessness. Weight loss definitely has a role to play as well as regular exercise and of course, giving cigarettes the ol’ heave-ho. Medicated treatments include inhaler therapy which targets the reversing of all that inflammation. Another big problem with having Emphysema is the susceptibility to lung infections, both bacterial and viral alike. Thus, infective exacerbations, in case of bacterial causes, can be managed early on with antibiotics. However in the case of viral infections there is no effective secondary treatment. Primary prevention is the best solution and so all patients with emphysema must stay up to date with their influenza and pneumonia vaccinations.

Dr. W. Dib

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Health Promotion: May is the month for Pneumonia awareness week and lung awareness week. To keep your lungs strong and healthy try not to smoke, practice deep breathing, be active and laugh often!

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Flu wallpaper

Pharmacy News - The Flu

by: Amir Dib, Pharmacist

Last year Australia faced one of its worst flu seasons in almost a decade! As we head into the 2018 flu season, it’s time to think about how to stay flu smart! The flu is a highly contagious viral infection that can cause severe illness. It is spread by contact so is even more likely if you’ve been in contact with someone who already has it. The flu vaccine is the most effective way to avoid getting sick this winter. This year, a quadrivalent flu vaccine is available, which contains four strains of flu virus. Two stronger vaccines are also available for over 65s. The stronger vaccine does mean a slightly higher chance of side effects but the common side effects (sore arm/mild fever) are mild and only last a day or two.

Together Medical Newsletter May 2018 - image TMFP-Newsletter-May-2018-6 on common flu shot myths to dispel:

  1. I got the flu vaccine last year so I don’t need it this year, right?
    Wrong. Influenza virus strains change from year to year.
  2. The influenza vaccine gives you the flu, right?
    Nope. The vaccine can’t cause the flu, it is made with an ‘inactivated’ strain of the virus, making it non-infectious
  3. Winter is already here, so it’s too late to get the vaccine, right?
    Wrong. While it is beneficial to get vaccinated a few weeks before flu season, it’s never too late to get a flu shot. Flu seasons can vary in length; as long as the flu virus is circulating, you’re at risk.

Keep in mind the flu vaccine doesn’t provide immediate protection. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the immune system to generate protective antibodies. Together Medical offers free quadrivalent flu shots for over 65s, children, asthmatics and more! If you’re not eligible, the full price for a flu shot is only $9.95!